Farmer Workers Needed for All States

LoneStar Labor Management knows the value of benefits like health insurance and long-term employment. Your career with us is designed to keep you happy and healthy


We provide discounted housing for Workers

The housing we offer is furnished

Laundry facilities are available on-site as well.


Medical health insurance matters. Get coverage for as little as $14.09/week.

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Jobsite Transportation

We provide free ride to work

We go the extra mile - literally - by providing transportation to and from work. That gives you more time to focus on your life and your budget.

Permanent Employment

Long-term job with training

Take on an opportunity that will take care of you for longer than a season. LoneStar Labor provides long-term employment to give you stability and security.

Continue Education

We also provide on-line education

You have access to on-line education to help you advance with your career and build a brighter future for you and your family.

HiringCow, LLC is a full-service staffing solutions and human resources company that provides our clients with a top-quality labor force. We offer staffing solutions to numerous industries with a heavy focus on food processing and manufacturing in many areas across the continental United States. As a full-service human resources agency, we deliver any service our clients require to meet their human resource needs. We protect our partners and employees by providing the following services:

Application Process

We provide you with :

Background Checks, E-Verification, Drug Screening, Translators, Workman's Compensation Coverage, and General Liability Insurance Coverage

We are 100% committed to help you.

Our Mission to your Success

Our goal is not only employer success, but employee progress, as well. We bring the same care and attention to every member of the workforce we provide. Commitment, employee development, flexibility, and long-term vision — We are the best staffing company .

Pig Farm Jobs
Chicken Farm Jobs
Cow Farm Jobs

““The apartment was beautiful, and the training was low-pressure.” ”

Manager at Tyson

Learning and Earning at the Same time.

Work,Learn, and Earn

Search for your next opportunity with the help of a company that knows you don’t just want a job — you want a position with purpose, complete with healthcare, housing, transportation and more.

Processing Poultry

In a poultry processing position, you will break down chicken or turkey for packaging and selling. It involves repetitive movement that requires strong, nimble hands.

Cold Environment

If you don't mind the cold, a processing plant job may be right for you. A 45-degree environment is needed in the plant to prevent bacterial contamination of the poultry being processed.

Roommates and Rides

As part of our job services, we also help those workers who need it find discounted apartment housing. You will be matched with a roommate and get free transportation to and from work.

Physical Activity

Most processing plant jobs require a certain amount of physical activity, so all workers must be able-bodied and have the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

Training and Support

No previous experience required. All employees will go through an onsite training process. The time to complete training varies for each position, but is usually no more than a few days.


All employees are on-boarded and provided with tools and protective gear to complete daily tasks and align with safety standards.

Aantal loonsancties kan aanzienlijk omlaag

Het aantal loonsancties in spoor 2 kan flink omlaag. Jobport heeft hier een masterclass over. In deze blog wat tipjes van de sluier.

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Ouders, scholen en coaches kunnen krapte arbeidsmarkt oplossen

Het is krap op de arbeidsmarkt, en dat wordt de komende jaren erger. Voor loopbaancoaches, ouders en de overheid is een grote

Lonestar Management with HiringCow

We are committed to providing long-term employment for our clients, and improving the value of our workforce in order to forge long-lasting partnerships.

Join Our Winning Team

We offer our employees several benefits to ease the burden of the cost of living and improve their quality of life.